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Chapter 31 - Gen 7 - Cello


Cello:  "WHATEVER!!!"  I yell  "Just try it, but I suggest you get yourself a solicitor, because I am coming after you the second I find out that baby has been born!!"

I slam my phone shut in temper, absolutely fuming!!

I guessed this would be coming ... Crystal threatening me, trying to blackmail me into taking Chad back, using the baby.  She is not only hacked off with me for breaking up with Chad, but she is fuming over me telling him about our affair.

The bathroom door starts to bang quite loudly, which annoys me.

Cello:  "JUST GET LOST!!"  I yell at the door presuming it is Chad coming back for more, we have already hand quite a slanging match this morning, and I doubt he has finished yet.  "I'VE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!"

The door flies open and Dad comes in and he doesn't look too happy

Lyric:  "That's a shame, because I haven't even started on you yet!!"  he snaps sarcastically
Cello:  "Do you mind!!  What about if I hadn't been decent!!"  I snap at him defensively, the last thing I need right now is him starting!!
Lyric:  "It's not like I haven't seen it all before a million times, I changed your nappies remember!!"  he snaps  "What the hell is going on?  This house has been like a war zone since day break ... now Annie and Chad are ripping shreds out of each other!!  You aren't the only one who has had enough!!"

Cello:  "Don't worry it will all stop soon!!  You can tell your husband ... all of my baggage is moving out as we speak!!  They will be gone by dinner time, so he will get his peace and quiet!!"
Lyric:  "What ... both of them?"  he frowns at me
Cello:  "Yes!!  Annie is in floods of tears, so you can thank him for upsetting her and cutting her time down with the babies, this was going to be hard enough for her anyway, without me kicking her out earlier!!"
Lyric:  "I don't think he actually meant for you to kick Annie out, it was said in the heat of the moment, while he was upset and angry.   Annie is not causing a problem or the person who Mallow is getting so upset over!!  Chad is the problem."
Cello:  "TOO LATE ... it's done, he said both of them, so I've told both of them to get out.  I hope he realises the trouble he has caused for me now!!"

Lyric:  "DON'T you twist this back onto Forrest!!"  Dad snaps at me quite nastily  "YOU created this situation, you are the cause of your own problems!!"
Cello:  "Not these new problems, they are all of Forrests making!!   Annie is hardly speaking to me after we had a huge argument last night and this morning.  We are supposed to be keeping this amicable ... now it's not!!  Kicking her out early I have gone back on my word, I told her three weeks she could stay with the babies, now she doesn't trust anything I say or me to be fair!!  She thinks once she's out of that door I won't let her see them again."
Lyric:  "I'll go and have a word with her, to help put her mind at rest, the very last thing you need is you are Annie falling out, for the babies sakes!"
Cello:  I know."  I mumble  "Chad is kicking off royal style because I've dumped him and now I've got Crystal on my back.  I've already had her on the phone yelling at me and telling me I can't even see the baby let alone take custody of it, when it's born ... Chad was only still here for one reason - so that I could get the baby off Crystal amicably ... you knew that, but still you didn't step in and try to calm Forrest down!!"

Lyric:  "Forrest was upset and angry, because of the state that Mallow was in."  he pulls a face at me  "You are not even thinking about Mallow in all this are you!!  You say your love him, so his drinking and sanity should be a real concern to you right now, rather than the baby that hasn't even been born yet."
Cello:  "Of course I'm thinking about Mallow, I think about little else!!"  I snap at him  "I don't get it, why do you and Forrest seem to be putting Mallow's welfare before Crystals baby.  I would have thought your Grandchild would have been your main priority right now!  You hardly know Mallow."
Lyric:  "Crystal will calm down, she will never be able to keep that baby with her disliking children, she won't be able to put up with it just to spite you ..."
Cello:  "I wouldn't be so sure about that ... I told Chad about mine and Crystals affair ... she never wanted him to know, so it has all erupted royal style between the three of us!"
Lyric:  "You told him ... you are an idiot, do you know that!!"  he laughs at me sarcastically.  "If she does remain awkward and refuses to let you have the baby, then we will just have to take it to a custody battle to help you get the baby.  Just like with Annie, Crystal can't afford to fight us."  he pulls a face  "Mallow on the other hand, if he goes too far, is not so easily fixed!!  I know what it is like to go down the road he is taking ... once alcohol gets a hold of you it is very hard to shake!!"

Cello:  "What do you mean, you know what it is like?"  I frown at him  "You don't even drink!"
Lyric:  "I don't drink for a reason ... I can't be trusted to!!  Before you was born ... I kind of went off the rails."  he looks at me sheepishly  "The pressure of being gay and having to produce a child because my Mother was too spiteful to back down and let someone else be the 6th Generation heir.  Rather than sleep with your Mother, which I seriously couldn't bring myself to do,  I spent months camped out in any bar I could find, from when it opened first thing in a morning until Forrest carried me home at night.  I was trying to blot it all out with alcohol, so for months I was continuously hammered.  Forrest was beside himself, nobody could stop me, not even the threat of losing Forrest stopped me because I was always too hammered to think straight or care.   It was only your Aunt Melody coming up with the Artificial Insemination that saved me from myself."
Cello:  "I'm sorry, I didn't know."  I mumble

Lyric:  "I am seriously not proud of it, so it has never been broadcast, especially not to you kids."  he rolls his eyes  "It is always there niggling at me when I get angry or stressed, I automatically think I need and want to drink - but if I start I know, just one drink and I won't stop until I am completely hammered and my head is free of what is troubling me.  According to River he's been constantly hammered for days.  So, Mallow needs stopping now, before he takes it too far and there is no coming back from it!!"
Cello:  "How can I stop him when he won't see or speak to me and River won't let me anywhere near him!!!"  I start to get upset  "It hurts like hell and is killing me!!  I don't know how much more of him blanking me that I can take!!"
Lyric:   "He is hurt and angry right now, he will calm down eventually!!  Just leave it to Forrest, he is going to help River to try and dry him out.  He will be keeping a close eye on him from now on.  He is going to try and talk him round to at least into seeing you, so you can get this mess sorted out ... but you need to do your part!!"  I frown at him  "You need to show Mallow you are serious about him ... no dating or sleeping with anyone.   From now on it is just you and those babies, for as long as it takes."  This makes me laugh

Cello:  "I do know, I'm not stupid!!  Why do you think I listened to Forrest and did what he said, I told Chad and Annie to leave today, even though I knew it was going to cause huge problems for me."  I mumble  "None of you have even noticed have you, that I haven't actually been having sex with anyone since these babies were born, not even Chad, I'm sure Granddad has told you I sleep in with him every night."
Lyric:  "What do you want ... a medal??"  The expression on his face is a serious one and I just stare at him for a moment, before I crack up laughing.  "You kill me ... how the hell are we supposed to notice or know that you are not sleeping with anyone, when you are so sneaky all the time!!"  he starts laughing
Cello:  "See ... if you are not noticing it, how the hell is Mallow going to see what I'm doing?!  How am I going to get the message across to Mallow when he won't even talk to me?"
Lyric:  "He will know, because Forrest will tell him." 

After taking a long soak in the bath, I make my way into the nursery.  Annie is in there on her own and two of the babies are crying, Reed as usual is screaming his lungs out, he seems to be the one that cries the most.

While Annie changes one of the other boys nappies, I deal with Reed, who wanted nothing more than to just be picked up.  At first there is an awkward silence between me and Annie, until she comes wandering up to me sheepishly.

Annie:  "I've just been talking to your Dad."  she says suddenly as she wanders up to me.  "He thinks we should make a rota, so we both get time out from nappy changing."
Cello:  "So you have stopped yelling at me now?"
Annie:  "I'm sorry ... I know I was being selfish!!"  she says as she smiles which really surprises me  "Your Dad has told me about the state Mallow is getting himself into, and why you are doing this, so I understand." I smile at her  "And you are right about me living next door, it is not going to make that much difference is it, other than where I sleep.  I panicked, scared you was going to go back on all your promises and would stop me from seeing our babies."

Cello:  "I would never do that!!   You are their Mother and they need you just as much as they need me.  I've already told you, you can come and go as you please just as long as we keep it friends and you don't try to interfere with me or my life."  
Annie:  "I know I get it ... don't worry, I won't be doing anything to risk losing contact with my babies!!"
Cello:  "So we are friends again .. we can keep this amicable."
Annie:  "Yeah, of course."
Cello:  "I'm sorry I could have told you in a better way .... I was worring myself sick over Mallow and trying to work out how to move you out without upsetting you too much, I know it isn't fair on you when I promised you three weeks.  I also panicked when you touched my leg, I thought you was trying to touch me up, and you know how easily led I am especially when it comes to sex."  I smile at her as she starts laughing  "As soon as you have moved out and Chad is gone I can start showing Mallow I am serious about him.  I have behaved since the babies arrived, not that anyone has noticed."

Annie:  "Behaved?"  she frowns at me
Cello:  "Yeah ... no sex or messing about with anyone, not even Chad.  From now on I have got to play it completely single and celibate to get Mallow back."
Annie:  "I bet that is killing you!!"  she starts laughing  "Can you actually do it?"
Cello:  "I have got no choice if I'm ever going to get him back!!"  I smile at her  "Besides Forrest has threatened to chop it off if it goes anywhere near anyone other than Mallow!!"  I laugh  "The mood he is in, I think he would too!!"

We start to have fits of giggles

Chad has walked into the room and I hadn't noticed.  He has seen me and Annie laughing together.

Chad:  "So now I see what is going on ... YOU AND HER!!"  he yells as he comes storming towards us.
Annie:  "Oh Christ here we go again!!"  Annie mumbles as she quickly takes Reed off me and moves away.
Cello:  "Just get lost Chad.  We are done, move out already!"  I snap at him
Chad:  "Don't think I'm stupid!!  You are getting rid of me so Mommy and Daddy can play HAPPY FAMILES together aren't you!!"

Cello:  "NO!!  Grow up Chad ... you are both moving out!!  You are stupid, because there is nothing going on with me and Annie, NOT that it is any of your business any more!!"
Chad:  " I don't believe you!!"
Cello:  "I don't care what you believe any more.  You will soon see when I am back with Mallow ... I love him, and don't want any one else!!  Now just GET OUT of my house!!"

He just stands there scowling at me.

Cello:  "GET OUT NOW ... before I throw you out!!"
Chad:  "Don't worry I'm going, and I'm getting as far away from your cheating ass as I can!!"
Cello:  "Good!!"
Chad:  "HE is welcome to you, and don't bother to come crawling back to me when he continues to want nothing more to do with you!!"
Cello:  "Don't worry, I don't intend to!!"
Chad:  "Good because you won't find me, I am going home where I should have stayed in the first place!!"
Cello:  "FINALLY he gets it!!"

As I watch him storm off, I laugh for a second.  He's an idiot, he says I won't find him then he tells me he's going home.  My laughing stops suddenly when I get this horrible feeling tying knots in my stomach. Until now I have never given a thought to him or Crystal leaving town and going home.

What if Crystal leaves town ... getting that baby is going to be a total nightmare!!


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Chapter 30 - Gen 7 - Cello

The days became a blur of feeding and nappy changing with the sound of four babies crying constantly ringing through the house.  Before I know it two weeks have passed by in a flash.

I am constantly tired, hardly getting any sleep and I don't have time to do anything else but to be camp out constantly in the nursery with the babies.  Four of them are very hard work, especially as it is not often that they are all sleeping at the same time, and generally when one starts crying it sets the others off.

Everyone is helping out, Jake, Granddad, Annie, Dad and Forrest, everyone except Chad who keeps well away from the babies room unless he comes in to moan at me for spending too much time with the babies, or he lurks in the background when me and Annie are both in the room together, but even then he doesn't help out.  Since the incident of Annie kissing me, he has kept a very close eye on us which is causing an atmosphere and making things very uncomfortable.

Talk of the devil and he appears.

Chad:  "When are you going to make some time for me?  You are spending way too much time with these babies!!  It is getting ridiculous!!"

I can't believe just how selfish he is being!!  I am beginning to suspect that he is like his sister, and dislikes children, because of the way he avoids having anything to do with my babies.
Cello:  "Seriously Chad, you are joking right!!"
Chad:  "No I'm sick of it!!"  he snaps  "You are constantly in here or asleep.  You can't even be bothered to sleep with me, always crashing in with Bradey."
Cello:  "Granddad's room is closer so I can hear them crying better, and if I'm not there he gets up and deals with the babies and it isn't fair on him at his age!"  I snap at him   "These babies are my responsibility and not going to look after themselves and if you spent more time in here helping out, you would not only see more of me, but you would know that there are six of us constantly in here running ragged and juggling babies, feeding, changing nappies, they don't give us a minutes rest ... maybe you should try helping out and changing a nappy sometime!!"

Chad:  "No chance!!  They are your brats,  the last thing I want or need is to be covered in baby sick and shit, its bad enough you stink of it all the time!!"
Cello:  "Yeah ... I notice you don't like to get your hands dirty or help out!!  Why the hell did you pick her up anyway?"  I snap at him  "You have disturbed Aria, you wake her up when she is sleeping while Rhythm is crying because he needs his nappy changing ... maybe you should do it as me and Jake have our hands full with these two."  I can see Jake frowning at me in confusion, and I know why.
Chad:  "Oh no, you go and change Rhythm's nappy!!"  he snaps then nods at the baby that I am holding  "That one is quiet, put him down then you can do it!!"
Cello:  "See you don't even know which baby is which do you!!"  I laugh at him sarcastically  "This is Rhythm, the crying blue boy is Reed ... the green boys are Rhythm and Rhyme!!"

Chad:  "Whatever!!  You just called him Rhythm!!"
Cello:  "Yeah I was testing you.  You don't give a shit do you!!  You haven't even tried to get involved with my babies, and any decent boyfriend would have done.  The only thing you care about is yourself, if you cared you would be getting involved and know which baby is which, like everyone else does." I snap at him  "DON'T call them brats again either!!  These are my children that you are insulting!!"  I snap angrily through gritted teeth, trying not to lose it with him.  "Just get your sniveling face out of my sight Chad before I punch it!!  I am not going to argue with you around the babies ... so DO ONE!!"

Chad just sucks his teeth at me and turns to put Aria back in her cot.  Dad has come to the rescue to sort out Reed.  Me and Jake both glare at Chad as he walks out of the room in a huff, thankfully without kicking off!! 

As I watch him storm out, I spot Forrest, who I thought was at work, standing in the room watching us.  Chad nearly knocks him flying as he barges past him.  I wandering just why I am still putting up with Chad being here.  It's not like we have any sort of relationship any more, my feelings for Mallow and the four babies arriving have put pay to that.  I guess I am just prolonging evicting him because of the trouble dumping him is going to course, waiting for Crystal to have and hand over the baby is the much easier way, even if I have to put up with his nonsense in the meantime.

Forrest:  "Trouble in paradise!"  Forrest starts laughing sarcastically  "Seriously Cello, why the hell is he still here?  This baggage is not going to help you get Mallow back!"
Cello:  "I know.  I'm working on it ..."
Forrest:  "Well work a bit harder and quicker ... the sooner you get rid, the sooner we can get some peace and quiet around here!!  And I hate to tell you, keeping a hold of that baggage you are setting yourself up for more trouble, which is already brewing!!"  I frown at him  "Annie's time is nearly up and she's getting very restless!!  She has told me and your Dad, she is not leaving this house or the babies with you until HE has completely gone!!  Maybe I also need to remind you, the longer all this goes on, the longer both Annie and Chad are here, the least likely Mallow will ever trust, believe or forgive you.  This needs sorting out NOW Cello, for Mallow's sake if nothing else, because he is barely holding it together ..."

Aria starts to cry and Forrest automatically picks her up. 

Cello:  "What's wrong with Mallow?"
Forrest:  "What do you think ... stupidly he loves you and you have totally wrecked him with all this shit!!   Not only do I have to put up with your shit at home, I have to see the effects of it at work and it's not pretty!!"  he snaps at me  "Mallow is very lucky he still has a job right now, because of the way he is carrying on!!  Anyone else would have had the sack by now ... but I know he was a decent hard working guy until you turned him over!!"
Cello:  "Aren't you supposed to be at work right now, have you just come home to have a pop at me because Mallow is slacking?"
Forrest:  "Yes as it goes I have!!"  he snaps  "Thanks to you, I've just had to take him and his sister home, after a trip to the hospital, and give them both a week off with pay.  I've had to give River time off to baby sit him because we couldn't trust him to be left alone, the state he is in."  I frown at him  "He turned up for work like a pathetic drunk, he could hardly talk or stand, because he is totally smashed out of his face ...."
Cello:  "Mallow doesn't drink!  Why the hospital?"
Forrest:  "Well he does now ... and it's all your fault!!  You have driven him to it!!  He is trying to drink himself into oblivion just so he can get you out of his head!!  He fell and split his head open on the way into work, he was a right bloody mess when he turned up, at first we thought he had been attacked."  he snaps quite nastily  "You don't even see what you have done, or continue to do to him, do you - you have totally destroyed him!!  Your thug hasn't helped either, he's been at him again and filling his head with shit.  I've just had to try and put him straight while he's been crying all over me ... Mallow has totally lost the plot thanks to you!!"
Cello:  "Shit!!"

he puts Aria back in her cot before he turns to me angrily, his face is like thunder.

Cello:  "What has Chad been saying to him?"
Forrest:  "That doesn't matter, I've put Mallow straight, not that it helps him much!!  What matters is that this situation has gone on for far too long!!  SORT YOUR SHIT OUT CELLO!!  TODAY before I SERIOUSLY lose it with you!!"  suddenly he starts yellling  "I want both Chad and Annie out of this house by TOMMORROW night, or you will be seeing a side of me that you really won't like!!"  he starts wagging his finger at me  "And if I even suspect you are carrying on or having sex with anyone other than Mallow, I'm going to CUT IT OFF, so you best had keep it in your trousers!!  You say you love him now prove it!!"  I hear Jake snigger as I glance at Dad who is just quietly standing there still holding Reed  " ... and don't look at your Dad, he won't help you or stop me, because he is just about done with your shit too!!"

Forrest storms out of the room, slamming the door loudly behind him, which makes me cringe as Rhythm jumps with fright in my arms.  It is rare for Forrest to lose it, so I know he is really angry, and so does Dad, who quickly puts Reed down and chases after him.

Jake:  "Oops!! I think we can safely say ... he's mad!!"
Cello:  "Yeah I think he is!!"  I mumble

I ask Jake to watch the babies for a while before I leave the nursery.  I see Dad trying to calm Forrest down out in the living room.  I walk out of the house quickly without speaking to them, I know they are not going to approve of where I am planning to go.

I head towards Mallows.

River as usual was not pleased to see me.

River:  "Just go Cello, don't you think you have done enough damage!!"
Cello:   "I need to see him ... I need to make sure he is okay!!"
River:  "No, you are not seeing him because he is far from okay!!  He is in a right state thanks to you and seeing you will just set him off and make him worse.  He is sleeping, which he hasn't been doing a lot of lately so I am not waking him up just for you to mess his head up even more!!"  she snaps at me   "Why did you have to come here, messing his life up, he was happy with Nial until you stuck your nose in!!"
Cello:  "I'm sorry!!  I didn't mean for any of this to happen.  I do love him, but he is the one who won't have anything to do with me so that we can sort this mess out!"
River:  "The only person you love is yourself, and can you blame him, you lie and cheat, he can't trust you!!  If you love him you should leave him alone so you don't hurt him any more!!"
Cello:  "Don't think this is not hurting me too because it is!!  I love Mallow and it is killing me that he won't even talk to me!!"
River:  "Really?!"  she laughs sarcastically  "So why do you still have both your thug and tart living with you?"

We talk for a while, I try to explain everything to her properly, I need her to understand, so she can at least pass a message onto Mallow.  She listens quietly then she makes me leave. 

I walk away from River, feeling lost, not knowing if she will even tell Mallow that I have been there or anything that I have said.

I go back home, not knowing what to do with myself, all four babies are asleep, I should really try and catch up on some sleep while I have the chance, but I know I am not getting any, my head is running riot.  Granddad and Jake are on baby sitting duty for a few hours, so I have some time to myself.  What Forrest and River have said about Mallow losing the plot, scares me, but it also gives me a little hope.  He obviously really loves me to get into the state he is, so if I can just get my act together, there is a chance I can win him round.

I feel awful for what I've done to Mallow mentally, and I know what Forrest is saying is the right thing to do, Chad and Annie have to go NOW, but Chad worries me.  Dumping him now before the baby is born, might have Crystal refusing to give the child to me, that is the only reason why I have been putting up with him being here, I was trying to hold out until after the baby is born.

I hear a radio suddenly start playing, I stop playing the piano and go to see who has just turned it on.  Annie is sat in the hot tub.  I stand for a moment watching her, then go to join her, she is the best one to tackle first, and I may as well get this done now.

Annie:  "Hey"  she smiles at me as I get into the hot tub  "What was with all the yelling earlier, Forrest is in a right foul mood!!  What have you done now?"
Cello:  "I like the way you think I have done something!"

I laugh at her as I lie back and close my eyes, wandering how I am going to do this without upsetting her.  That's when I feel her hand touch my leg ...
Cello:  What the hell are you doing?"  she frowns at me  "You are starting again aren't you!!  Forrest said you are getting restless because your time is running out."
Annie:  "What are you on about?"
Cello:   "You, just, trying to touch me up!"
Annie:  "Don't be stupid, I barely touched you!!"  she starts laughing  "I brushed your leg by accident, you are sitting rather close!!"
Cello:  "I don't believe you!! I know you, you'll be trying to kiss me again next!!  Jumping on me is not going to help you to continue living here so don't even bother trying to play any games."

Annie:  "Grow up Cello!!  You are not Gods gift you know and I am definitely over you!!  I wouldn't sleep with you again if you paid me to ... scared of what I might catch, we never knows where you have been!!"
Cello:  "Ouch!!"  I laugh at her sarcastically  "I want you to move out ... tomorrow."
Annie:  "WHAT!?  I've got another week left yet!!"
Cello:   "I'm sorry, its for the best, and you will only be next door.  I know you will be here all day with the babies, so it will hardly make any difference, other than where you sleep at night, in that house instead of this one!!"  I can't even look at her, because I know this is really going to upset her.   "I am serious about getting Mallow back, and I'm scared I am going to lose him completely, because this shit has gone on for far too long and he is never going to take me seriously with you still living under my roof!!"
Annie:  "You can forget it, and don't use Mallow as your excuse!!  Your thug has got to you hasn't he ... he wants me out!!"  she snaps  "Well I am telling you now ... I am NOT leaving my babies, while you are still with him and he is still here!!"
Cello:  "No ... Mallow is not an excuse, he is the reason why I am doing this!!   This has nothing to do with Chad either, because he is next.  I am dumping him later ... I want you both out tomorrow!!"

She doesn't have a chance to say anything, we hear Chad shouting my name as he comes down the basement steps.

Chad:  "What the hell are you two doing down here alone?"  he snaps as he approaches the hot tub, glaring at the both of us.  "And where the hell did you slope off to earlier?" 
Cello:   "We are only talking and not what you are about to accuse us of doing!!  So don't even start Chad!!"  I snap at him as I climb out of the hot tub.
Chad:  "Your brats are screaming their heads up upstairs, they are giving me a headache!!
Cello:  "Granddad and Jake are looking after them for a few hours, while we take a break.  I notice you didn't go in and help them out!!"
Chad:  "Why should I?  They are not my responsibility!!"
Cello:   "Call yourself a boyfriend ... any decent boyfriend would get involved with my children and make them their responsibility."
Chad:  "Whatever!!"

This makes me lose my temper!! 

Cello:  "What the hell happened to you!!  You used to be a nice, kind, fun, sweet boy - I really can not stand the person you have become!!"
Chad:  "You happened to me that's what!!"  he snaps at me
Cello:  "Well I'll do you a favour shall I ...if I am so much of a problem to you - you can get out, it's over, we are finished, I can't put up with your shit any longer!!"
Chad:  "I'm going no where ...."
Cello:  "Oh yes you are ... I'm dumping you, I have had enough, you can pack your bags and GET OUT!!"
Chad:  "So I'm guessing you and HER are carrying on again!!"  he snaps quite nastily as he points towards the hot tub.
Cello:  NO!!  I am not carrying on with Annie!!"  I snap at him  "I have just told Annie,  like I am telling you ... I want you both out of this house tomorrow!!"

Chad:  "You can't dump me ... my sister is having your baby remember so that we can be together!!"
Cello:   "I can dump you ... I just did!!  Just pack your bags and go!!"
Chad:  "I am not having it!!"

I know he is going to be very hard to shift and get rid of.  This is going to have to get really nasty for him to take the break up and leave.   The only way he will go probably is if I push him enough to make him walk out.  I decide to tell him the truth about everything, that should do it.

Cello:  Crystal knew the risk she was taking, and that there might be a possibility of us not staying together ..."  I start laughing  "Hell, she even tried her hardest to split us up herself!!"
Chad:   "What the hell are you on about?"
Cello:  "I may as well tell you, before she does ... you was right, me and you sister have been doing the Karma Sutra and having an affair behind your back.  She wanted me to leave you for her."
Chad:  "I don't believe you ... she wouldn't ... you are making it up!!"

Cello:  "It's the truth!!"
Chad:   "You don't do the truth!!"  he snaps
Cello:  "Well I am today!!  Go and ask Crystal if you don't believe me, in fact, go upstairs now and ask Dad or Forrest,  they will tell you ... Even Mallow will tell you, he knows.  The day you went round to his looking for me and he hit you with the saucepan, I wasn't out of town with Forrest, I was  actually over the road shagging your sister!!  How else do you think my clothes ended up in her room!!"
Chad:  "You are UNBELIEVABLE!!"  he yells at me  "WHEN did that start?  How long had we been here?" 
Cello:  "Virtually straight away, the morning after I bumped into her outside the spa, and found out you was in town.  I actually slept with Crystal before I slept with you again!!"
Chad:  "WHY MY SISTER!?"
Cello:  "Why Not!  You gave me the green light to sleep with her and you know me, I don't do quick and too the point and cant turn away anyone who throws them self at me, and she threw herself at me, she wouldn't leave me alone!!  Your sister in bed is damn hot ... it's the best sex I've ever had with a woman and I kept going back because I much prefer shagging her to you!!" 

He starts to explode then, just like I knew he would ... I pushed him on purpose, there was no need for me to say what I just did, but I did it hoping it would unhinge him enough to make him walk out!!  All I can do is take the punch that comes flying at me and wait for him to calm down a little.

I hear Annie swearing as she starts to get out of the hot tub.  I forgot for a moment that she was there, and instantly regret what I just said, while I am trying to push Chad, I really don't want to upset Annie any more than I already have.

Annie:  "You are a serious peice of work Cello!!  In a minute you are going to tell us you've been at Mallows sister!!"  she snaps
Cello:  "Hell No!!  That is one place I wouldn't go!!"
Annie:  "Please tell me you was not sleeping with Crystal, as well as Mallow, while you was going out with me!!"  she snaps angrily
Cello:  "Yes, I was ... I'm sorry!!"
Annie:  "Did you know she was pregnant when you got me to sign those papers?"
Cello:  "No, but ... I knew there might be a possibility."

She slaps me across the face very hard, adding to the pain of Chad's punch, then she screams a load of abuse in my face before storming off up the basement steps.

 Once Chad's  initial anger dies down, he starts sniveling.

Chad:  "Why?  Why have you done this to us?"
Cello:  "I'm sorry, but it's not just me, you are partly to blame too!!  You should never have followed me out here, I left you behind for a very good reason, even though it killed me at the time!!  You forced this situation into what it is, especially coming up with the stupid plan of your sister having my babies .."
Chad:  "Yeah, I should have known, you couldn't be trusted, after all you are a serial slag who has no morals!!"  he snaps.
Cello:  "Exactly you know what I'm like - and you gave me the rope to hang us with!!  I told you from the start, you being here messed everything up and forced me to go in a direction I didn't want to go in.  I do care about you and we might have made this work if you had come out here with a better attitude, but you didn't!!  You are not the person I left behind, I  really don't know how you can be so different to the Chad I used to know and love."
Chad:  "You destroyed me when you just up and left without a word."  he mumbles  "I love you and you broke me."
Cello:  "I'm sorry!!"

I don't know what else to say.  I'm weak, not only am I starting to feel guilty, he is upsetting me with his crying and I am beginning to feel sorry for him. It is taking all my strength just to stand here and not put my arms around him.

Chad:  "If I promise to change my attitude ... we can still make it work."  he snivels
Cello:  "It's too late Chad ... there are too many wrong things about this situation,  for a start, you haven't even tried to get involved with my babies.  You are like your sister aren't you, you don't like children do you?"
Chad:  "Not much."  he mumbles
Cello:  "Then we are never going to work are we - I have four and another one on the way!!  Also too much damage has been done ... especially the affair I've had with your sister, we are never going to get past that."
Chad:  "We can if we try!"
Cello:  "You might say that now, but I think you know deep down, that is never going to happen!!  She is your Sister and it will tear us apart!!  You are paranoid enough, and this will just make it worse, and if she throws herself at me again, I can't even trust myself to be faithful to you, so what hope do we have"  I sigh  "I may as well get it all out in the open now, just so you know there is no hope that we can fix this ... I'm sorry Chad, but I don't love you any more."

He looks up at me wide eyed.

Cello:  "You know what I'm like and what I do ... the reason why I have been sleeping around like an idiot again and making a mess of things is because I have fallen in love with Mallow, and it hurts like hell because, even though he loves me too, he doesn't want anything to do with me, because I've been too blinkered trying to get the babies I need and have hurt him too much with all this shit."  he starts choking  "You asked me where I sloped off to earlier, I went to Mallow's to try and see him, but his sister turned me away.  I am sorry Chad, but I love him in a way that I've never loved you, it is destroying me slowly not being about to see him, and I don't think I will ever be happy again until I get him back."  

Chad doesn't say anything, he just runs off in tears.

I doubt very much that this is the end of it.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Chapter 29 - Gen 7 - Cello

After a very long and sleepless night at the hospital, I pull the car onto the drive and am relieved to be home.  As we start to get out of the car one of the babies starts screaming, so I grab the little boy first and give him a bottle to shut him up.  I look down at the little baby in my arms and I'm still in shock!!  I think Annie is too as she just stands there bewildered, holding the little girl.

I had hoped for twins.  Annie got the boy she wanted and I got the girl I wanted ... but we got a little bit more than we both expected!!

I hear the door open and close so I glance towards it.   My Dad is standing in the doorway with a frown on his face as he watches the pair of us just standing on the drive holding a baby each.

Lyric:  "Cello ... why are you stood out here?"

Yeah he has got the shock of his life coming!!

Cello: "Dad can you grab the baby carrier out of the car for me."  he frowns at me
Lyric:  "Baby carrier?"  he looked at me then Annie, still with a frown on his face.  "Do you really need it right now, can't it wait you should come inside.  It is far too hot out here for them and I would really like to see my first Grandchildren."
Cello:  "Yeah well you will need to get the two that are still in the car to do that!"  I laugh at him
Lyric:  "WHAT!?"

Cello:  "There are another two boys in the car!"
Lyric:  "ANOTHER TWO!!"
Cello:  "Yeah, we have three boys and a girl .. there are four of them!!"
Lyric:  "You are pulling my leg right!!"
Cello:  "No straight up - go grab the carrier and see for yourself!!"

Just as I say that the sound of a baby crying briefly came from the open car door.  Dad looks over towards the car, then back at me, his eyes start rolling as he burst out laughing.

Lyric:  "FOUR!! Oh Berry!!! Only you could do that Cello!!"  he laughs  "I guess you are going to find out what it is like being a Dad the hard way!!  Lets just hope that Crystal only has one baby or you son, are going to be in some serious trouble!!"

He continues to laugh almost hysterically.  Hell!!  With everything that has been going on, I hadn't even thought about Crystals baby and that there could be more than one there too.

This couldn't happen again could it!!??

Annie walks past us towards the front door.

Annie:  "Lyric, I'll put this one in a cot, then I will come and help you with the other two."   she says as she walks into the house.  Dad goes to walk towards the car and I grab his arm to stop him.  I need to talk to him now that Annie is out of earshot.
Cello:  "Dad what am I going to do ... we only planned on one ... there are four of them, Annie wants to take two of them with her when she leaves, and I don't want her to!!  She thinks two each is fair."  he starts laughing  "How am I going to stop her ... she could actually take the other three and only leave me with the one."
Lyric:  "Obviously it looks like neither of you have read that contract properly!!"
Cello:  "Not really why?"
Lyric:  "I guess you both just skimmed over it didn't you!!  Its a good job you have got me covering your back Cello!!"  he starts to laugh at me  "Don't stress yourself ... she can't take any of them ... if either of you had bothered to actually read what you were signing you'd both know ... there is a clause in there in case of a multiple birth.  She has signed every single one of them away .. but it's going to cost you ... four million this little lot has just cost you!!"
Cello:  "She is not going to like that one little bit!!"
Lyric:  "Well I suggest you sit her down and tell her quickly, before she gets too carried away!!"

Chad pulls up on the drive just in time to help Dad carry one of the babies in from the car.  I didn't hang around to hear what he had to say .... I don't really care what he has to say anyway, his days are numbered now and he doesn't even realize it.  I want him gone before these children grow up and get attached to him, besides the way we carry on it is not going to be good for them listening to us screaming at each other.

I don't even want to fix our relationship, whatever feelings I had for him have now gone.  I have only put up with our relationship because I have had no choice.  I love Mallow and I am going to get him back if it kills me.

Chad's face is a picture when he walks into the nursery and sees there are four babies.

Jake walks in and burst up laughing

Jake:  "Man where did all these come from .... are they ALL your's Cello?"
Cello:  "Yes squirt!!"  he laughs his head off as he pick up one of the babies 
Lyric:  "Cello, you do realize this is going to be a TOTAL nightmare don't you - there was only three of you and it took five of us to handle it!!"
Cello:  "It will be fine!!
Lyric:  "Yeah you think that ... come back to me in a week and tell me it is fine when you are totally exhausted!!"  he starts laughing  "Forrest is going to LOVE this ... and you do know you've lost that little girl don't you.  Once he claps eyes on her, you will not be able to get near her!!  He will hog her just like he hogged your sister."

All of the babies had been fed, had their nappies changed and were all sleeping.  Annie went off to sleep and everyone else goes to eat but I remain just standing there looking at the sleeping babies.  I am still finding it very hard to take in ... four of them ... I could not have even imagined this in my wildest dreams.

Forrest:  "WHAT THE ...."  he says then burst out laughing  "... and I thought your Dad was joking!" 
Cello:  "And here comes Granddad Forrest!!"  I laugh at him  "Kind of makes you a bit of an old fossil now doesn't it!!"
Forrest:  "Hey watch it!!"  he laughs  "Oh Berry Cello!!!  FOUR!!!   If that little lot does not teach you to keep it in your trousers ... nothing will!!"
Cello:  "Ha! Ha! very funny!!  It will make me avoid sleeping with women more like!!"
Forrest:  "Talking of which ... offloaded that baggage yet?"
Cello:  "Yeah Crystal has gone, I still haven't been near her, and Annie will be moving out soon, in a few weeks."
Forrest:  "I was talking about Chad?!"
Cello:  "Next time he kicks off he's gone!!"
Forrest:  "Good and make sure you do!!  That guy is a total nightmare!!"  he laughs  "You know I might just see these pigs fly yet .... with this little lot to look after you wont have the time or the energy to do anything else, especially THAT!!"  he starts laughing

Dad was right, Forrest made a beeline for the girl first.

Forrest:  "Got any names for them yet?"
Cello:  "We do have a list, but Annie is sleeping, we haven't had time to talk about it yet."
Forrest:  "Your Dad loves the name Aria, that's what Mel should have been called but your mother didn't like it, she ended up being called Melody because of what your Aunt Mel did for us."
Cello:  "What did she do for you?"
Forrest:  "Without Mel you wouldn't be here.  She pulled some strings to get your Dad and Melon onto the Artificial Insemination programme, which they don't normally allow for gay couples who want babies."
Cello:  "Actually Aria is one of the girls name that we have on the list!"  he smiles at me "We are sticking to the musical name theme."
Forrest:  "What's up Cello you look a little lost!!"  he frowns at me after a few minutes silence
Cello:  "I'm still in shock that there are so many, and I'm not looking forward to telling Annie she's actually signed all four of them away ... neither of us read the contract properly, she thinks she is taking two of them with her ... but she can't!!"
Forrest:  "Awkward!!"  he says as he put the girl back into her cot  "But then nothing around you is ever simple or straight forward is it Cello."  he starts laughing as I pull a face at him.  "If I was you I would go and get your head down while you have the chance and they are quiet ... they aren't going to be like this for long and boy are you in for a rough ride!!"  he starts laughing  "Me and your Dad will watch them until you and Annie get up."
Cello:  "Where is Dad?"
Forrest:  "Phoning Mel and Jazz ... and probably all of his brothers and sisters if I know Lyric!!"  he glances over at me  "I know one person he won't be calling ... your Mother ... you can do that yourself!!"

After I phoned my Mother I jumped into Granddad bed to try and get a few hours sleep.  I never even went to see what Chad had to say.  The babies actually woke me up with their crying, Granddads room being right next to the nursery, this really is not going to be good for him, he's getting very old and needs his sleep.

It is bedlem when I get into the babies room, Forrest and Granddad trying to cope with four babies that are all screaming at once.

Annie walks in a few minutes after me

Annie:  "I think I should take this one ... he is a genie."  she says holding one of the boys up to me
Cello:  "Is he!!  How can you tell?"
Annie:  "I just can, it is in his eyes ... so I'll definitely take this one, and I really would like the girl too.  She is also a genie and would be much better with me rather than living in a houseful of males"

I can see my Granddad and Forrest behind Annie, both staring at me with concern.  They just heard what Annie said, my Granddad in particular looks pretty distressed by it.

Cello:  "Annie I'm sorry!! ... there is something we need to talk about ... you can't take any of them!"
Annie:  "WHAT!?  Cello I'm taking two of them and you can't stop me!!  It is only fair!!"
Cello:  "I can stop you, you signed that contract and you have actually signed all four of them away, there is a clause in there in case of multiple births and I've now got to give you four million."
Annie:  "Stick your money ... this has never been about your damn money, you know I wouldn't be doing this if you had not left me with any choice ... you can't do this to me!!  In the car you said ....."
Cello:  "I know and I'm sorry, but neither of us read that contract properly!!  I didn't know about the clause until Dad told me, but I didn't want you to take any of them away anyway.  I was just trying to be fair!!"

I feel really bad, the look on her face is killing me.

Annie:  "Well this isn't fair!!!!  Cello you are a BERRY HOLE!!"
Cello:  "Annie I'm sorry!!"
Annie:  "Crystal is pregnant, you are getting another one ... just how greedy can you get!!"
Cello:  "She is not even talking to me right now ... I'll be lucky if I get that baby ... she has told me I can't have it!!"
Annie:  "Well that's your own fault, you used and abused her just like you did me and Mallow ... but you don't need to take it out on me!!"

Cello:  "I'm not taking it out on you ... it's not fair to split them up anyway, they are quads, they need to be together ... their heads are going to be messed up enough by all this without separating them as well!!"
Annie  "And who's fault is that!!"
Cello:  "Yeah it's mine ... but you have to take some of the blame for this too Annie!!!  Your pill and you did sign that contract without reading it properly ... it's your own fault ... all four of them are staying with me ... end of!!!!
Annie:  "Berry knows what I ever saw in you!!  I thought I loved you but I don't think I even like you right now!!"
Cello:  "Good!!"  I snapped at her.

She moves away from me then to put the baby she's holding into the cot before she storms out of the room in tears.  As much as I want to keep all four of our babies, I know what this must be doing to her inside, it must be killing her!!  This is all making me feel like an evil monster for taking her babies away from her.  I wish there was another way that we could do this.

Cello:  "Hello little man ... you've got my eyes!!"  the baby giggled at me  "Let's hope you don't have my hair too or you will be a mini me!!"

This baby definitely doesn't have my nose or ears, this made me worry for a minute, actually none of them have really got my ears ... I can't really see much Ugli in any of these four babies, the little girl and this one in particular have no sign of ugli in them at all.

We seriously need to sort their names out!!

I hadn't moved from the nursery in hours.   There is a constant stream of demands for bottles and nappy changes, sometimes they just seem to cry for nothing.  I'd been alone in here for a while and am finding it hard to keep up with their constant demands.  Annie came in when three of the babies are screaming the place down and between us we managed to settle them all down ... it went quiet as they all slept.

Annie:  "Please Cello, can you not at least think about letting me take even just one of the babies!!"  she's really upset and I can see she has been crying, probably ever since she stormed out of here earlier.
Cello:  "I'm Sorry Annie ... I can't!!"
Annie:  "Why not?!  You only really need the one to do this heir thing!!"  she snaps
Cello:  "I know I only need the one to be the 8th generation heir, but which one?!"  I shrug  "I won't be able to say which one until they are older."
Annie:  "This is seriously stupid!!" 

She's crying and making me feel really bad ... I put my arms around her.

Cello:  "Please don't upset yourself, you know it is not so bad, they will only be living here, it is not like I am never going to let you see them again.  I do want them to have two parents and you can spend as much time here with them as you want to.  In fact, you can spend all day with them, look after them while I am at work ... with four million, you don't have to worry about working ever again!!  When they are older they can stay with you at weekends and in the holidays - you will get to see them every single day if you want to."
Annie:  "It won't be the same though will it!!"
Cello:  "I guess but you have it easier, you can get on with your life without the responsibility or them dragging you down and holding you back, especially with your love life and you can still be their parent."
Annie:  "Can't you just keep your money I would much rather be here with them!!"  she mumbles  "We can live our own separate lives, I won't interfere with you."
Cello:  "You say that now, but I've told you what happened with my Mother and Dad.  I can't take the risk of that happening to us!!  Besides how can we get on with our own lives living under the same roof?  I'm sure your future boyfriend is not going to understand or like that set up!!  Just like Chad doesn't."

I stand there holding her while she continues to cry and I try to think of a way to make this easier.

Cello:  You know the house next door has just come empty ... maybe we should grab it  ... you could live next door ... that would make life really easy, especially for you.  When the kids get older they can come and go between us as they please!! As long as the one I chose to be heir stays with me."
She steps back for a moment to look at me a smile creeps across her face

Annie:  "Will you get that house for me .... that would be perfect!!"
Cello:  "Yeah okay ... I'll get my Dad on the case, he's much better at that sort of stuff!"

She suddenly launched herself at me.

and like an IDIOT I start to kiss her back.

FUDGE!!! What am I doing!!??

I stop kissing her and pull away from her quickly

Cello:  "DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN ANNIE!!!!"  she looks at me in shock  "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN ... This is EXACTLY why I can not take the risk of you living HERE!!"  I snap at her

She hurls a load of abuse at me and runs off in tears again.  I know this must be really cutting her up and I want to follow her but decide to just leave her ... I need to let her calm down.  I really need to speak to her to make sure she doesn't do that again .... she is going to ruin everything for me and even herself.  If she keeps on pouncing on me it might jeopardise the time she gets to spend with our children.  This is exactly why I know it is never going to work her living here ... I was slowly caving in to the point where I nearly told her she could carry on living here  .... she has just blown that thought straight out of my head by her kissing me.

I didn't realize at first that my Dad AND Chad are now also in the room.  Dad just stands there with his eyes popping out of his head, I think he knows Chad just saw what happened and he's waiting for the kick off.

Chad stands there silently his back towards me saying nothing at first.  I held my breath, he puts down the baby he's holding then turned to face me.

Chad:  "I SAW THAT!!"
Cello:  "SHUT UP CHAD!!!!  Don't even start your yelling around my babies!!"  he stands there glaring at me  "AND if you saw it ... you'll know it wasn't my fault!!  You also must have heard what I said to her when I pushed her away!!"

I didn't give him a chance to say anything else.

I storm off.


I HATE MY GAME!!!!  I wanted a quiet generation baby wise, I HOPED that there would only be two babies - one off Crystal and one off Annie - then before Crystals baby has even arrived the game goes and smacks me with QUADS out of the blue!!!!  Cello purposefully has not been given fertility treatment.