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Chapter 31 - Gen 7 - Cello


Cello:  "WHATEVER!!!"  I yell  "Just try it, but I suggest you get yourself a solicitor, because I am coming after you the second I find out that baby has been born!!"

I slam my phone shut in temper, absolutely fuming!!

I guessed this would be coming ... Crystal threatening me, trying to blackmail me into taking Chad back, using the baby.  She is not only hacked off with me for breaking up with Chad, but she is fuming over me telling him about our affair.

The bathroom door starts to bang quite loudly, which annoys me.

Cello:  "JUST GET LOST!!"  I yell at the door presuming it is Chad coming back for more, we have already hand quite a slanging match this morning, and I doubt he has finished yet.  "I'VE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!"

The door flies open and Dad comes in and he doesn't look too happy

Lyric:  "That's a shame, because I haven't even started on you yet!!"  he snaps sarcastically
Cello:  "Do you mind!!  What about if I hadn't been decent!!"  I snap at him defensively, the last thing I need right now is him starting!!
Lyric:  "It's not like I haven't seen it all before a million times, I changed your nappies remember!!"  he snaps  "What the hell is going on?  This house has been like a war zone since day break ... now Annie and Chad are ripping shreds out of each other!!  You aren't the only one who has had enough!!"

Cello:  "Don't worry it will all stop soon!!  You can tell your husband ... all of my baggage is moving out as we speak!!  They will be gone by dinner time, so he will get his peace and quiet!!"
Lyric:  "What ... both of them?"  he frowns at me
Cello:  "Yes!!  Annie is in floods of tears, so you can thank him for upsetting her and cutting her time down with the babies, this was going to be hard enough for her anyway, without me kicking her out earlier!!"
Lyric:  "I don't think he actually meant for you to kick Annie out, it was said in the heat of the moment, while he was upset and angry.   Annie is not causing a problem or the person who Mallow is getting so upset over!!  Chad is the problem."
Cello:  "TOO LATE ... it's done, he said both of them, so I've told both of them to get out.  I hope he realises the trouble he has caused for me now!!"

Lyric:  "DON'T you twist this back onto Forrest!!"  Dad snaps at me quite nastily  "YOU created this situation, you are the cause of your own problems!!"
Cello:  "Not these new problems, they are all of Forrests making!!   Annie is hardly speaking to me after we had a huge argument last night and this morning.  We are supposed to be keeping this amicable ... now it's not!!  Kicking her out early I have gone back on my word, I told her three weeks she could stay with the babies, now she doesn't trust anything I say or me to be fair!!  She thinks once she's out of that door I won't let her see them again."
Lyric:  "I'll go and have a word with her, to help put her mind at rest, the very last thing you need is you are Annie falling out, for the babies sakes!"
Cello:  I know."  I mumble  "Chad is kicking off royal style because I've dumped him and now I've got Crystal on my back.  I've already had her on the phone yelling at me and telling me I can't even see the baby let alone take custody of it, when it's born ... Chad was only still here for one reason - so that I could get the baby off Crystal amicably ... you knew that, but still you didn't step in and try to calm Forrest down!!"

Lyric:  "Forrest was upset and angry, because of the state that Mallow was in."  he pulls a face at me  "You are not even thinking about Mallow in all this are you!!  You say your love him, so his drinking and sanity should be a real concern to you right now, rather than the baby that hasn't even been born yet."
Cello:  "Of course I'm thinking about Mallow, I think about little else!!"  I snap at him  "I don't get it, why do you and Forrest seem to be putting Mallow's welfare before Crystals baby.  I would have thought your Grandchild would have been your main priority right now!  You hardly know Mallow."
Lyric:  "Crystal will calm down, she will never be able to keep that baby with her disliking children, she won't be able to put up with it just to spite you ..."
Cello:  "I wouldn't be so sure about that ... I told Chad about mine and Crystals affair ... she never wanted him to know, so it has all erupted royal style between the three of us!"
Lyric:  "You told him ... you are an idiot, do you know that!!"  he laughs at me sarcastically.  "If she does remain awkward and refuses to let you have the baby, then we will just have to take it to a custody battle to help you get the baby.  Just like with Annie, Crystal can't afford to fight us."  he pulls a face  "Mallow on the other hand, if he goes too far, is not so easily fixed!!  I know what it is like to go down the road he is taking ... once alcohol gets a hold of you it is very hard to shake!!"

Cello:  "What do you mean, you know what it is like?"  I frown at him  "You don't even drink!"
Lyric:  "I don't drink for a reason ... I can't be trusted to!!  Before you was born ... I kind of went off the rails."  he looks at me sheepishly  "The pressure of being gay and having to produce a child because my Mother was too spiteful to back down and let someone else be the 6th Generation heir.  Rather than sleep with your Mother, which I seriously couldn't bring myself to do,  I spent months camped out in any bar I could find, from when it opened first thing in a morning until Forrest carried me home at night.  I was trying to blot it all out with alcohol, so for months I was continuously hammered.  Forrest was beside himself, nobody could stop me, not even the threat of losing Forrest stopped me because I was always too hammered to think straight or care.   It was only your Aunt Melody coming up with the Artificial Insemination that saved me from myself."
Cello:  "I'm sorry, I didn't know."  I mumble

Lyric:  "I am seriously not proud of it, so it has never been broadcast, especially not to you kids."  he rolls his eyes  "It is always there niggling at me when I get angry or stressed, I automatically think I need and want to drink - but if I start I know, just one drink and I won't stop until I am completely hammered and my head is free of what is troubling me.  According to River he's been constantly hammered for days.  So, Mallow needs stopping now, before he takes it too far and there is no coming back from it!!"
Cello:  "How can I stop him when he won't see or speak to me and River won't let me anywhere near him!!!"  I start to get upset  "It hurts like hell and is killing me!!  I don't know how much more of him blanking me that I can take!!"
Lyric:   "He is hurt and angry right now, he will calm down eventually!!  Just leave it to Forrest, he is going to help River to try and dry him out.  He will be keeping a close eye on him from now on.  He is going to try and talk him round to at least into seeing you, so you can get this mess sorted out ... but you need to do your part!!"  I frown at him  "You need to show Mallow you are serious about him ... no dating or sleeping with anyone.   From now on it is just you and those babies, for as long as it takes."  This makes me laugh

Cello:  "I do know, I'm not stupid!!  Why do you think I listened to Forrest and did what he said, I told Chad and Annie to leave today, even though I knew it was going to cause huge problems for me."  I mumble  "None of you have even noticed have you, that I haven't actually been having sex with anyone since these babies were born, not even Chad, I'm sure Granddad has told you I sleep in with him every night."
Lyric:  "What do you want ... a medal??"  The expression on his face is a serious one and I just stare at him for a moment, before I crack up laughing.  "You kill me ... how the hell are we supposed to notice or know that you are not sleeping with anyone, when you are so sneaky all the time!!"  he starts laughing
Cello:  "See ... if you are not noticing it, how the hell is Mallow going to see what I'm doing?!  How am I going to get the message across to Mallow when he won't even talk to me?"
Lyric:  "He will know, because Forrest will tell him." 

After taking a long soak in the bath, I make my way into the nursery.  Annie is in there on her own and two of the babies are crying, Reed as usual is screaming his lungs out, he seems to be the one that cries the most.

While Annie changes one of the other boys nappies, I deal with Reed, who wanted nothing more than to just be picked up.  At first there is an awkward silence between me and Annie, until she comes wandering up to me sheepishly.

Annie:  "I've just been talking to your Dad."  she says suddenly as she wanders up to me.  "He thinks we should make a rota, so we both get time out from nappy changing."
Cello:  "So you have stopped yelling at me now?"
Annie:  "I'm sorry ... I know I was being selfish!!"  she says as she smiles which really surprises me  "Your Dad has told me about the state Mallow is getting himself into, and why you are doing this, so I understand." I smile at her  "And you are right about me living next door, it is not going to make that much difference is it, other than where I sleep.  I panicked, scared you was going to go back on all your promises and would stop me from seeing our babies."

Cello:  "I would never do that!!   You are their Mother and they need you just as much as they need me.  I've already told you, you can come and go as you please just as long as we keep it friends and you don't try to interfere with me or my life."  
Annie:  "I know I get it ... don't worry, I won't be doing anything to risk losing contact with my babies!!"
Cello:  "So we are friends again .. we can keep this amicable."
Annie:  "Yeah, of course."
Cello:  "I'm sorry I could have told you in a better way .... I was worring myself sick over Mallow and trying to work out how to move you out without upsetting you too much, I know it isn't fair on you when I promised you three weeks.  I also panicked when you touched my leg, I thought you was trying to touch me up, and you know how easily led I am especially when it comes to sex."  I smile at her as she starts laughing  "As soon as you have moved out and Chad is gone I can start showing Mallow I am serious about him.  I have behaved since the babies arrived, not that anyone has noticed."

Annie:  "Behaved?"  she frowns at me
Cello:  "Yeah ... no sex or messing about with anyone, not even Chad.  From now on I have got to play it completely single and celibate to get Mallow back."
Annie:  "I bet that is killing you!!"  she starts laughing  "Can you actually do it?"
Cello:  "I have got no choice if I'm ever going to get him back!!"  I smile at her  "Besides Forrest has threatened to chop it off if it goes anywhere near anyone other than Mallow!!"  I laugh  "The mood he is in, I think he would too!!"

We start to have fits of giggles

Chad has walked into the room and I hadn't noticed.  He has seen me and Annie laughing together.

Chad:  "So now I see what is going on ... YOU AND HER!!"  he yells as he comes storming towards us.
Annie:  "Oh Christ here we go again!!"  Annie mumbles as she quickly takes Reed off me and moves away.
Cello:  "Just get lost Chad.  We are done, move out already!"  I snap at him
Chad:  "Don't think I'm stupid!!  You are getting rid of me so Mommy and Daddy can play HAPPY FAMILES together aren't you!!"

Cello:  "NO!!  Grow up Chad ... you are both moving out!!  You are stupid, because there is nothing going on with me and Annie, NOT that it is any of your business any more!!"
Chad:  " I don't believe you!!"
Cello:  "I don't care what you believe any more.  You will soon see when I am back with Mallow ... I love him, and don't want any one else!!  Now just GET OUT of my house!!"

He just stands there scowling at me.

Cello:  "GET OUT NOW ... before I throw you out!!"
Chad:  "Don't worry I'm going, and I'm getting as far away from your cheating ass as I can!!"
Cello:  "Good!!"
Chad:  "HE is welcome to you, and don't bother to come crawling back to me when he continues to want nothing more to do with you!!"
Cello:  "Don't worry, I don't intend to!!"
Chad:  "Good because you won't find me, I am going home where I should have stayed in the first place!!"
Cello:  "FINALLY he gets it!!"

As I watch him storm off, I laugh for a second.  He's an idiot, he says I won't find him then he tells me he's going home.  My laughing stops suddenly when I get this horrible feeling tying knots in my stomach. Until now I have never given a thought to him or Crystal leaving town and going home.

What if Crystal leaves town ... getting that baby is going to be a total nightmare!!


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